Famous Speech Assignment

Famous Speech Assignment


            This assignment is designed to help you work on the ideas of ethos, pathos, and logos, and to introduce you to some of the other elements of style that speakers have at their disposal.  For this assignment, you will find the text of a famous speech—and hopefully a video of it being delivered—and work to master it.  Here’s how:



  1. Search the Internet archives for texts and videos of famous speeches.  I’ve created a collection of web links to help you find what you need, and I’ve posted this on the class website (publicspeaking.misterfischer.com).   Find a speech that you enjoy.


  1. Select a portion of this speech—about 1-2 minutes’ worth—to focus on.  Print out the text of this portion only.  (You may need to transcribe the speech from video, but I’m hoping you can find the text on-line as well.)


  1. Analyze the elements and techniques of this speech using the questions and terms we’ll go over in class.  We’ll try out and practice this type of analysis this week.


  1. Practice, practice, practice delivering the portion of the speech you’ve selected.


  1. Tape, etc.




Select speech:

Written analysis:

First taping: